Regine Journal Entry 2

(changing format to present tense)

I exit the cave. Outside the darkness seems to warm me. The rain lit upon my skin, but it isn’t cold as most rain within Skyrim. I only feel the wetness.

And there is also moisture around my mouth, drying on my chin. The hunger had taken control of me, and the dead bandit was just there…

I shake away the memory, partially from fear and repulsion. Fear of the enjoyment and warmth of the blood. Repulsed by the act itself. Am I now a vampire? A vampire!

I break out in a run. Somewhere. Anywhere. As far from the cave as quickly as possible. I am disoriented. Just go. Run!

Someone in the distance. A guard. Another cave. Fear engulfs me. But so does something else. Hunger.

After I killed the bandit, I feed. It’s an instinct now. I am a vampire. A VAMPIRE! 

Revulsion overwhelms me again and I run. I need distance. But from what and to where? The more I leave my old life behind, the more my new life (as a vampire) begins. Still, I cannot help myself. My legs power themselves as though they are controlled of a different mind, body, or…force? 

I see something in the distance. A tomb maybe? Draugr inhabit tombs. But there aren’t any draugr in this tomb. This one has living blood. And lots of it, beaconing me as I get closer. A need wells up deep within. I must feed again… 


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