Welcome to the thief challenge for Skyrim. I figured this was as good a platform to explain the concept and rules for the challenge as any place. Plus, it actually forces me to write a bit, something I haven’t done consistently (or at all) in a long, long time. 

The idea for the thief challenge was just to spice things up with Skyrim. I’ve played so many hours in the game, and created so many characters–I feel as though I have played every style of character available–that the game was getting a little dull. And that isn’t something I really want. I enjoy it too much to suddenly be so disinterested I didn’t even want to boot it up. So, I decided to pull from a challenge I did quite a long time ago, way back when the forums were still on Bethesda’s website and not on a Discord server, which I haven’t joined. But that’s more about my lack of interest in any type of social media more than any other reason. 

This challenge is an adjustment from the one I did several years ago. The rules are stiffer in some instances, maybe not as stiff in others. So here goes:

As with all my Skyrim characters, I use historical or mythological beings to create a likeness of some kind in the fantasy world of one of gaming history’s greatest RPGs. I looked up gods or goddesses of illusion and was directed to two people from antiquity. One was the goddess Eris from Greek mythology (funny how it is mythology when it isn’t a current religious belief), and the other was the Roman goddess Laverna. Eris was the goddess of chaos and is famously behind the war between Greece and Troy. Basically, she set the entire thing up. Laverna was the goddess of thieves and liars and possessed a silver tongue and could swindle just about anyone out of anything. 

By combining those two goddesses, I created my character (Eris) who would specialize in Illusion magic while committing crimes of a thieving nature. And, in turn, created a challenge for her. The rules are as follows:

Become Guild Master; must complete 1 of each type of radiant quests from Vex and Delvin; 100 skill in Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing; must have carried 1.5 million in gold; pick 150 locks and pockets; steal 5000 items; must complete all Thieves Guild quests relevant to Guild Master; Any trainers outside of Thieves Guild must also be merchants (so Faendal isn’t an option since he isn’t a merchant); no pickpocketing training money back; no Quick Save pickpocketing; no time spent in jail; no refusing to bribe guards (if cannot bribe you must go to jail and then break out); cannot under any circumstances attack guards; cannot sell to any merchant (unless training) outside of Thieves Guild until Speech 70 unless purchasing spells; cannot loot money bags or gold from any container not locked except inside Thieves Guild (if you pick the lock to a home or store all items are fair game except money bags); cannot earn gold from Companions, Dark Brotherhood, or College of Winterhold quests; Imperials must subtract 10% from all gold looted in locked chests or pickpocketed (Imperial Luck perk); All Creation Club content can be used; Any mods can be used except Rich Merchants; cannot use extra gold mods without subtracting to bonus money (if you use Triple Gold Mods, you must subtract the bonus from your total)

But I have decided to adjust some of the rules: All trainers will be available. But, and this is a huge BUT, you cannot retrieve your money back in any way. This includes and trainer/merchants. You buy training and that money is well spent. 

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