Welcome to LittleWatt Gameplay. I hope you’re enjoying the blog and the videos of my gameplay on YouTube. 
For August I’m focusing on Dying Light and will be finishing up DOOM. Also of note No Man’s Sky will be out on August 9. I haven’t decided if I’ll do videos for that yet. But enough of all that business, let’s get to the challenge. 
In Dying Light there’s a focus on parkour. And for those who don’t know what parkour is I hope I’ll help you understand what it is. Perhaps some history first. 

Here’s a little information on parkour. And if you go by the simple textbook definition you’ll be able to find suitable obstacles to use. http://www.wfpf.com/parkour/

No I don’t expect people to launch themselves off rooftops or do flying somersaults over vehicles traveling at 40 miles per hour. I mean that shit is just nuts. There’s a fine line between brave and idiotic. I wouldn’t expect people to climb a fence like Jackie Chan, either. But I do think there are some simple parkour things people can do safely and get in a great workout. Find a balance beam at a local park or walk the curbing along the sidewalk. Climb a jungle gym. Do pull-ups on the monkey bars. Vault a park bench. I have a skateboard park where I live and it gets no use whatsoever so I’ll be doing some parkour something or other there. 
Now I’m definitely not a parkour-er and won’t claim to be. I won’t be doing any cat grabs and muscle-ups any time soon. My strength to weight ratio leans way too much on the weight side. Still that doesn’t mean I can’t try. And who knows maybe by September 1 I’ll be able to do cat grabs and muscle ups. 
So here’s the challenge. Three days a week do twenty-five minutes of parkour outside. Being outside is important. Or check a local gym for parkour classes. Now I understand it’s August so be sure you exercise safely. Drink plenty of water and take it slow. Going balls to the wall is a good way to get injured. At least until you get better. Then you can speed it up and drink more water. I expect everyone will be sore after the first time since it isn’t something most people do. But go and have fun. And get healthier to boot. 
Now go out and have fun. Most importantly be safe! 


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