Welcome back to LittleWatt Gameplay. I hope you’re enjoying my content. And as always leave a comment and subscribe. Now to get to the meat of this post. 
I’ve thought for a bit about doing a giveaway and decided I would do a game giveaway—via gift card—and equal to a new game release for the month of August. Now before you think this is a total freebie there are rules you must follow to be entered. 
During the month of August I’ll be focusing my gameplay videos on Dying Light on PS4. I may release other videos but for this giveaway you must follow the rules I’ve written below for Dying Light
Rule number one: You must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel—I will confirm you’re a subscriber. Sorry guys and gals but that’s part of why I’m doing a giveaway. Growing my channel is important to me. 
Rule number two: You must leave a comment on every Dying Light video in August in the YouTube comment section about the video you just watched, comments not in YouTube will NOT be counted. And…I will be leaving a question within each video itself that you will need to answer as well. I may ask a follow-up question to assure you’ve watched the video and not just copied previous commenters’ remarks. Liking the video isn’t required but it may add to your chances. 
Yes, the rules are difficult and are designed that way on purpose. I want people who subscribe to be a part of my channel and not there just to add numbers. 
The results will be tallied in September. For those who follow the rules your names will be written down on paper and drawn from a container by a different individual. And the winner will be announced by 14 September 2016. 
Start by subscribing to my YouTube Channel


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