Friday, July 29, 2016

August 2016 Game Giveaway

Welcome back to LittleWatt Gameplay. I hope you're enjoying my content. And as always leave a comment and subscribe. Now to get to the meat of this post. 

I've thought for a bit about doing a giveaway and decided I would do a game giveaway—via gift card—and equal to a new game release for the month of August. Now before you think this is a total freebie there are rules you must follow to be entered. 

During the month of August I'll be focusing my gameplay videos on Dying Light on PS4. I may release other videos but for this giveaway you must follow the rules I've written below for Dying Light

Rule number one: You must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel—I will confirm you're a subscriber. Sorry guys and gals but that's part of why I'm doing a giveaway. Growing my channel is important to me. 

Rule number two: You must leave a comment on every Dying Light video in August in the YouTube comment section about the video you just watched, comments not in YouTube will NOT be counted. And...I will be leaving a question within each video itself that you will need to answer as well. I may ask a follow-up question to assure you've watched the video and not just copied previous commenters’ remarks. Liking the video isn't required but it may add to your chances. 

Yes, the rules are difficult and are designed that way on purpose. I want people who subscribe to be a part of my channel and not there just to add numbers. 

The results will be tallied in September. For those who follow the rules your names will be written down on paper and drawn from a container by a different individual. And the winner will be announced by 14 September 2016. 

Start by subscribing to my YouTube Channel

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Up and Coming: No Man's Sky

Welcome back to LittleWatt Gameplay. This blog is dedicated to gaming topics I'm interested in as well as game reviews and Let's Play video content. 

I'm going to start a series of blogs about upcoming games that I'm interested in and will likely be playing in the future. And for the first post I'm going to tackle No Man’s Sky

The most interesting part about my curiosity for No Man's Sky is I'm not the kind of person who would ever consider space travel. I mean it's great and fascinating to learn and to see. But as for actual space travel...That's for someone else. You won't be finding me on Mars planting potatoes or on the Moon doing whatever they might do there. So the question becomes why, Glen, are you intrigued by this game? 

I'm not sure I can even answer that coherently but I'll share a few thoughts anyway. But first a bit about No Man’s Sky. 

No Man’s Sky is developed and produced by a small indie studio in the UK—Hello Games. Now they've developed and produced other games but I've not played any of them. The game is an exploration, survival, first-person game with 18 quintillion, ten to the eighteenth power, or 18 with with 18 zeros, planets. A staggering number. So basically you could play the game your entire life and never run into another player even though other players are there and may only be in the next star system. And in each one of these planets there is an ecosystem—if you don't know what an ecosystem is, well I can't help you—specific to that planet. Or the shorter version is infinite possibilities. 

The scope of this game is staggering. Consider all the information people know about our own real life universe, which is around 4%, and now think about a completely unknown universe created in No Man’s Sky. 

You can close your mouth now. 

So yeah I'm ready to explore. 

There's another facet to this game that will be relatively new to me as well. The open-world aspect. Nearly all of my gaming has been a linear style. Get your objective and accomplish said objective. Move onto another objective and finish that one. You get the picture. 

So going from mostly structured objectives to you pick your path sorta thing will be quite different. And this is one reason I recently acquired Fallout 4, another open world game. But that's for another post. 

Now on to the nerdy, real-life science part of why the game is so profoundly intriguing. 

Space travel and humans in space. Space to humans is exceedingly dangerous. This is a major reason humans aren't on Mars currently. There's no guarantee they would survive the trip if it went perfectly. Solar radiation and cosmic radiation would surely kill them during the five month trip. And that doesn't take into account the trip back. 

For life, Earth is a safe place, but Earth will apparently not appear in the game. But with 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets available an earth-like or nearly exact replica of earth is entirely possible. And let's face it, the game is based off earth-related physics and chemistry and knowledge, although the developers have added other elements, which could throw a monkey in the wrench. 

But in No Man’s Sky we get to explore space safely from our homes. And that is the essence of video games. Although games aren't on the level of books, we do get to be someone else in another place or time or universe. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Xbox One First Impressions

The most glaring impression is the size of the machine. It could easily be a doppelgänger for an early 80s VCR. This thing is massive. The only game console I can recall matching—and maybe exceeding—the overall dimensions is the first PS3 with its big domed cover. I'm fairly certain the Xbox One could be a foundation brick for a large building. Without getting out a tape measure, it's easily two-plus inches wider and deeper than the PS4. I have no idea why it's so massive. I'm going to speculate the size might have something to do with heat. And if that's true I wonder what will happen with the Xbox One S with the power supply inside the case. 

When comparing it to the PS4, the Xbox operation seems to be more complicated, but it is a Microsoft product so that's easily explained away. And PlayStation Plus is the clear winner over Xbox Live Gold. PlayStation is also the winner in the setup procedures. I had to hard reset my Xbox One three times before it would recognize the fancy Dusk Shadow controller. And let's not mention Xbox isn't using Bluetooth for its controllers. Major strike against it. With PlayStation controller syncing just turn on the machine with the controller attached to charging cable and you're off and running. As for controller feel, I don't have enough time with Xbox to make a good comparison. 

The last impression for now is network. The Xbox One is a bandwidth hog. I simply can't do anything else while it's downloading. With the PS4 I'm free to do other Internet stuff. 

Okay one more thing. Backwards compatibility. This is something PlayStation has done in the past and I loved the fact it was compatible with previous generation games. Now it's all but nonexistent. The Xbox people are making games backward compatible. A major plus for Microsoft. 

I will have a follow up post once I get more time with the Xbox. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

DOOM Playlist

This is where you can find all my DOOM gameplay videos posted to YouTube. I've learned through trial and error and still have some tweaking before I like where I'm at with the videos. Please stay patient with me as I am learning the craft. Some of the videos are repeats as I moved up from the PS4 video capture to a capture device. I redid the second and third video in the series and renamed them with "episode" instead of "part." All the videos with now be titled with "episode" from now on.

Thanks for watching and for the support.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Gaming History

Welcome back to LittleWatt Gameplay. I thought I would share a little gaming history. And hopefully you'll respond with a little gaming history of yourself too. 

Although, I can't pinpoint exactly the first video game I played, I believe it was either Missile Control or Space Invaders, I can recall what system I played on. It was a Commodore 64.  

After the Commodore 64 came the Atari. With games like Pac-Man and Q-bert and Asteroids. One button and one control stick. The games were so simple back then and I managed to find hours of entertainment. Now it takes an hour just to figure out all the controls and buttons. 

I continued to improve consoles as they came out. The Super NES was one the entire family enjoyed with classics as Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt to Tecmo Bowl and Mike Tyson’s Punch-out. I branched off and also bought a Sega Genesis. Sonic and Madden Football being favorites. I eventually upgraded my Sega with the 32-bit spaceship thingy. Not sure it did anything but look like it did something. 

Of course the major change came with the PlayStation. It was a huge event and major leap in gaming. Black CDs and game storage. Of course Crash Bandicoot and the Tomb Raider games. Madden Football was only to get bigger and bigger. Let's not forget Metal Gear Solid. It was one of the Tomb Raider games I participated in a co-op mode of sorts. I shared time playing the game with my sister. She did most of the work; I only relieved her when she got stuck and frustrated. 

With the PS2 I shifted (pun intended) away from platform and puzzle games to racing simulation and racing games and football, both Madden and NCAA Football. But not all racing games or all football games. I didn't branch out beyond the Gran Turismo series for simulators and I stayed with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I simply didn't enjoy other racing games. And, admit it, Madden football has been the go-to football game. But way more than half of my game time was in Gran Turismo, and when GT4 came out, I spent hours upon hours racing. I completed all the races, some dozens of times, and all the side events. And to this day, I think GT4 was the best game in the series for putting time behind the wheel, which is something I have—a racing wheel. GT4 had the most laps and most races out of the box in the series. And if I had to pick what game I would love remastered for the PS4 it would be Gran Turismo 4. And racing is still a major part of my game time. 

As for NFS: Most Wanted, I enjoyed the shit out of that game. I restarted the campaign over and over again. And I even co-oped a campaign with my little brother. He didn't have the racing skill so he did all the cop chases and I did all the races. And even though it was arcady racing there was a proper racing line and my hours playing GT3 and GT4 helped finding those lines. Unfortunately, the NFS series has yet to match the entertainment of the first Most Wanted. 

When the PS3 came out, Gran Turismo 5 was a long wait, and that's when I returned to first-person shooter games with the iconic Resistance: Fall of Man as well as the uber-fun Motorstorm. But, I continued racing GT4 on the PS2, and once EA worked out all their Madden issues for the new PS3, I stuck with football. 

Gran Turismo 5 was a big disappointment for me with the overall lack of laps and races available within the game. Everything was pushed to online play, which is something I don't do. I completed one race online, and just as I was making my move out of the slipstream, the racer in front slammed on his brakes and wrecked me. He refused to lose, and I refused to race against other humans again. And I still don't. 

On to the PS4. I had the console for a year before, I actually bought a game for it. The console came with The Last of Us, a game I still haven't played. Slowly I added games to my library, hoping Gran Turismo would be out, but here it is 2016, and no game yet. 

Still, I collected games for the PS4 only to return to the PS3 again and again. What finally grabbed me was MLB The Show 15, a game I've put hours into. I played MVP Baseball years before and enjoyed it, but football was my game so it fizzled away. And MLB The Show has also slipped away with bug-filled MLB The Show 16

But, things have picked up with the PS4 now. I spend lots of time on DOOM, and am anxious to start playing Dying Light, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted series. 

So, that's where I'm at now. I intend on building a gaming PC to add to my PS4. And hopefully building my YouTube gameplay channel. Do me a favor and look me up on YouTube. Here's my latest video:

How about you? 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

DOOM Guy Challenge

Welcome back to LittleWatt Gaming. 

In an effort to accomplish a couple of goals this month, I'm creating a challenge. One of the goals is to build up my YouTube channel and the other goal is to become more healthy physically. So here's the challenge:

For every like I receive on my DOOM gameplay videos I add a minute to my daily exercise, which now stands at twenty minutes. For every comment on the video, I'll add ninety seconds, and for every share, I'll add three minutes. For each new subscriber, I'll add five minutes. 

Obviously, I'm not going to rely on these little perks to become more physically fit, but it'll add some encouragement to me personally to see others interested in my videos. 

I'll be willing to try suggested workouts from any comments left on the video posts. 

I'm going to tag this as #doomguychallenge.